“Christmas” Tree vs. “Holiday” Tree

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, the constant word debate of “Christmas” vs. “holiday” has begun. Around these parts where the state of Massachusetts is wrapped up in every sort of pseudo controversial perceived problem in this country, this year was not different. The debate went back and forth between the City of Boston and the legislators, with finally the word “Christmas” winning out and once again being deemed as acceptable. There is now a huge “Christmas” tree in the common as normal, and all those “Holiday Tree” signs have made it to the garbage. (“Holiday Tree”??? C’mon on now!!!)

WHY IS IT A BIG DEAL????? There are so many instances where in today’s world we try to PC everything to the extreme, and this is aprime example of this. Who are these people that are offended by the words “Merry Christmas“…just because a majority of people celebrate christmas as opposed to Hanukah or Kwanzaa this time of year, is it really a knock to those that do celebrate Christmas. I don’t see any of the Jews coming to work on christmas day at my job…am I offended??? HELL NO…I could care less!

It isn’t like the phrase “Merry Christmas” has an alternate meaning such as “I hate Hanukah” or the words “Christmas Tree” really is a synonym for “Menorah’s suck ass”….c’mon on now!!! What’s next??? Changing such American staples such as the “Easter Bunny”, “4th of July fireworks” and god forbid the “Thanksgiving turkey”

Is the next form of this extreme political correctness going to entail me not being able to say “have a good day” because I am being inconsiderate to all those out there having a bad day? I sure as hell HOPE NOT!

I’m off to get my Christmas tree, buy some Christmas lights, hang my Christmas stockings and finish my Christmas shopping….

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