Why I love AppleCare

I’ve had my Powerbook now for almost three years. In those three years, I’ve used my Applecare extended warranty three times for three major problems. About a year and a half ago my screen began to flicker and I would loose my screen. I sent it in and it turned out there was a crimped wire. That repair alone was almost worth the price of Applecare alone. (and I was without the computer for about two and a half days!)

A year ago my battery was barely holding a charge….we are talking less than an hour of battery life!! I was in San Francisco and went to the Apple Store there and was given a brand new batter after a few minutes of tests.

Last night, all of a sudden my powerbook was not getting power from the powerbrick. It was dead, and when I found out, I had about 30 minutes of battery left. I did a quick backup “just in case” and headed down to the Apple store this morning. They quickly determined that it was the powerbrick and gave me a new one.

I’ll be sad when February comes around and my Applecare extended warranty is no more…But at least I know that over the past three years, it has easily saved me over $500 in repairs!! Now even though I am a little miffed that things like this have happened, I am happy I had the extended warranty and will continue to buy it with every future laptop I purchase!

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