AOL Search Year in Review

As the year winds down, we are sure to see many “top whatever” list of 2005. One I came across today deals with AOL’s “Search Year in Review”. This list highlights the top 10 searches on AOL in 2005.

Now, in order to discuss anything about AOL, we really need to take a step back and really understand who uses AOL. Basically two groups of people:

-Computer illiterate middle age baby boomers who think the “internet” IS AOL and that it is worth paying $24 a month for a dial up connection!!!
-and their kids.

I really do not have a lot of scientific research to back up my assumptions here, but it will all make sense in a minute as I review the list.

So the top 10 overall searches at AOL were:

  1. Lottery (I guess there’s always a chance!)
  2. Horoscopes (I guess this could apply directly to #1)

  3. Tattoos (if #1 never happens, you have another way to change your image)
  4. Lyrics (cause it isn’t enough just listening to the music anymore)
  5. Ringtones (maybe this is why you need the lyrics, so you know what to sing when your phone rings!)
  6. IRS (definitely applies to #1….or possibly what you can get away with each tax year as you get closer to retirement)
  7. Jokes (need something to forward along to everyone in your address book)
  8. American Idol (because apparently having this show on three nights a week is NOT enough!)
  9. Hairstyles (hmmm…teenage angst or midlife crisis??)
  10. NASCAR (what more do you need to know about NASCAR other than GO FAST and TURN LEFT??)

I consider myself pretty tech and internet savy and I not once searched for any of those things. Hence my theory of AOL users are the computer illiterate middle age baby boomers and their teenage kids.

AOL Search Results

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