Why is MTV still a channel???

Today’s rant is based on one simple question: Why is MTV still a channel??? We all know that they stopped playing music videos a long time ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I saw just how bad it has gotten.

Let’s back up for a bit. While my wife was on maternity leave the past few months, we put the TiVo into overdrive and taped every mindless sit-com in reruns imaginable. The reasoning was that we were up at odd hours of the night and that my wife was home all day, everyday to take care of our son and we needed some basic TV filler.

TiVo has this functionally called “suggestions” where it fills up the remainder of the hard drive with shows it THINKS you may like, based on your viewing habits, recordings, how you rate shows, etc. Now usually I scroll through these once a week or so and maybe find one gem of a show, but it is always hit or miss….but it serves it purpose.

Anyway, It was during this TiVo overdrive time that it was recording all these mindless sit-coms and began suggesting all these half baked reality shows that currently make up MTV. Seriously….I would wager that today, 80% of the channel is some sort of reality show, or some constant re-run of one of these reality shows. I would come home from work and my wife would be watching another unwatchable MTV show that slowly played out like a remake of “Groundhogs Day” with it getting worse day after day.

How could something so good, turn into something so bad?? I can’t think of any other cable channel that has took such a turn as MTV did from music videos and pop culture to an unofficial reality TV channel.
Is this the stuff that the youth of today watches and finds entertaining day after day???

…and hence why I ask, “Why is MTV still a channel?”

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