The Academy Awards vs. the General Movie Going Public

This past Sunday was the Academy Awards which marked the end of another awards season.

The Oscars are the Crème de la Crème of award shows every year, where all of Hollywood dresses up to the nines and pats themselves on the back for another year well done.

But, are the majority of movie goers really appreciative of the films being honored at the Oscars? In the era where A-List movie stars are getting paid between 20-30 Million dollars a film, the majority of movie goers are watching the “Hollywood Blockbuster”, which is ridden with big names and big budgets. Also, these are the movies that Hollywood tends to pound in our brains with their massive advertising campaigns, yet rarely show up at the Academy Awards.

The special Oscar worthy films, directors and actors are usually presented to the public right before awards season and then specifically pitched and sold by the movie studios to the voting members of the Academy. aka., not the majority of moviegoers.

So when Oscar night actually arrives, the general movie going public has not seen a majority of the nominees, but only watches it for the STAR FACTOR. Do you see this endless loop?

Hollywood keeps making one set of movies for the general public and one set of films for the industry, their academy, and a handful of true fans of film to enjoy!

This frustrates the hell out of me for some reason. Maybe I’m a bit jealous and envious of that highly regarded group, or maybe I would like for Hollywood to spread the wealth a little more and get these great Oscar winning films, directors and actors to the mainstream!

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