The Pain of Shaving!

Whenever I need something to complain about, I reach back into my archives and bring out the old shaving argument. Nothing seems more like a waste of time in my book than shaving your face on a daily basis. Personally I try to do it three times a week if I feel I can get away
with it at work. Also, I’ve had sideburns now for over 10 years not because of their stylish good looks, but because it cuts down on the surface area that needs to be shaved!

Whatever happened to the full beard and it’s acceptance in everyday life? When man first invented the razor and shaved with it, what was it that he was really trying to accomplish?? In the end, they created a daily nuance and a multi billion dollar industry to boot.

Gillette now has a 5 blade razor….Four blades on the face and one on the top for those quote, “tough to reach places”. Also, it comes with a battery powered model that takes it up a notch I guess with vibration…simply amazing….
I’m still happy with my Mach 3 for the time being. But it got me thinking back to 20 years ago and what the choices for shaving then were. Either old school with a straight razor, or a disposable I guess. I don’t know about you, but if you ever want to appreciate the Mach 3 a little more, give a bic disposable a try with a few days growth…i think tweezers would be more effective at that point!

Why doesn’t “natural selection” work for facial hair??? If we have been shaving it for so long now, don’t you think a chromosome would kick in and just call it quits?? It worked for tails and opposable thumbs didn’t it??

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