Signs of Spring

April is just a few days away and around these parts, it only means one thing!

No, I’m not talking about the NCAA Final four taking place this weekend in Indianapolis.

And no, I’m not talking about the Cherry Blossom trees that were a gift from Tokyo, Japan in 1912 blossoming in Washington DC. (talk about an on again, off again, on again relationship over the last century!)

Nor am I talking about the first site of the Tulips coming through the ground from the bulbs you planted last fall…(this one actually is true at out house!)

Nope, my mind is squarely focused on one thing as April approaches, and that one thing is the Boston Red Sox.

Now, whether you are a Red Sox fan, or even a baseball fan for that matter, there is something special about kicking off another season here in Red Sox Nation. People seem to smile a bit more, be generally in a better mood and unite with a common thread no matter what other differences they may have in life.

There is always hope, hope that this will be the year…as it was in 2004. (Funny thing about that year, a few times driving to work early in the season I saw a NH vanity plate with “SOXIN04”…”wow”, I thought, “enjoy it for the summer, but you’ll probably need a new one next year”…and then as that season progressed and the Sox won it all, I always remembered that plate…He called it alright and now it is frozen in time…) We always think this is the year, then by fall conclude with, “there is always next year”

The passion this area feels for their baseball team is amazing…We thoroughly enjoy every win while agonizing and second guessing every loss…

So yeah, April is here, but really, the Red Sox are almost here! I go to my first game in just a couple of weeks on Marathon Monday…another one of those rites of spring!

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