American Cliche #50!!!

The past week I’ve been engrossed in home improvement and the world cup, enjoyed my birthday and celebrated my first Father’s Day. But it’s time to put all that on hold and talk about the “American Cliche”.

For many people now, the term “American Cliche” is more than a phrase describing a typical American’s view on topics, but the title of a weekly internet show where Scott takes you into the world as we know it from his point of view. If you type “American Cliche” into google, the number one hit is the show. Heck, the show even has it’s own wiki page now!!! I found that by accident a few weeks ago as I was trying to find a good definition of what exactly an “American Cliche” is…or probably was…

Hey, that reminds me Scott, where’s the old school intro where you go into your definition of an American Cliche. You know the one…

“I’m always amazed by some of the things you stumble across on the internet, read about in the newspaper or see on TV. The Bizarre news stories from around the world….can it really be that truth is stranger than fiction, or is that, just an American Cliche”. (cue badass guitar riff)

There’s something about that that just got me going on Wednesday mornings as I listened to the show…

Let’s whip that thing out for old times sake….It kind of reminded me like the old A-Team intro…”If you have a problem, if no one can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire, the A-Team”! It was just so bad ass…

Over the past 50 shows i think we are finally starting to understand what side of Bush’s approval rating Scott might be on, we had a jump start in learning what HBO’s next “big hit” might be with “Big Love”, we’ve battled a few cold’s and even said good bye to an old friend together, 8BallRadio.

Despite all that , I still have no clue how to use my keyboard to get that damn little accent on the last E on the word Cliche….I’ve googled it, i’ve tried doing the research, but there is just something about configuring my international keyboard that has just stumped me. And that usually doesn’t happen that often!
Maybe that will be one of MY goals for the next 50 shows…

Either way, I’ll continue to try and deliver my minutes each week, as you continue to know Scott in the next 50 shows

Just so you know, the first 50 shows is pretty dead on as to who Scott is, as I’ve experience first hand over the past 12 years….Now that’s a lot of the Cliche!!! clicheee, clicheeeee….oh, I give up!!!

So good luck on the next 50 Scott!!!

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