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Something that has caught my attention the past week is of all things, the NASA channel. I’m not sure if you get this in your area with your cable or satellite provider, but let me tell you something. When there is a shuttle in the sky, there is nothing more fascinating on TV…especially summertime TV!

Normally the channel shows educational shows related to the space program, but quite bluntly, they look like they were produced in someone’s basement on the weekend …Frankly, they are boring as hell. Once in a great while you may find something worth watching, but not often. I actually never even go to the channel unless a shuttle has launched.

But, when that shuttle does go up, which has been far and few in between the past few years, to me, it is some of the greatest TV to be had. It’s like watching the best educational documentary you have ever seen…Except it’s in real time, live, just a few hundred miles above us in space!

Ever since I was a kid I was in awe about space and what the channel shows during a live space mission just feeds into that little kid who wants to know everything there is beyond our little planet earth. And when you really stop to think about it, it’s been less than 50 years since the first astronaut went up. For me, that was only in my parents lifetime….so it’s really not that long ago!

I guess at some point it was fascination to watch something on TV where it was “live via satellite” from the other side of the world. Which in today’s age just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore….but for me, it just brings it to a whole other level when it is “live via satellite, from out space”….and you see a couple of people floating around in space, just specks of dust against the black backdrop of space…

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