Upselling gone wrong

So I went to the movies on Saturday and saw “The Gaurdian”. (which was actually a really good flick!)
Anway, before the move started I was in the concession line to get a snack for the movie. I had decided on a regular drink and a regular popcorn. Just a little something to hold me over until then end of the movie when I could go out and get some real food!

So after I order, I get that typical upsale…”Sir, for a quarter more you can get a large soda”. Hmm…Ok I say….what’s a quarter for a few more fluid ounces of Mountain Dew.
Next, the attendant asks, “For seventy five cents more, would you like a large popcorn?”. I don’t know what possessed me at this point, but for some reason I said yes. Subconciously for some reason I think my mind took over and blurted out “yes” just because it had quickly calculated what a great value a large was for an extra seventy five cents!!! My body of course disagreed!

Finally, after she came back with my now large Mountain Dew, and large popcorn, she asked me, “Would you like some nachos?” Ok, she had gotten me on the larger soda, and popcorn, but now nachos??? I couldn’t believe that she has asked me if I wanted to add to my current snacking needs, with a whole other snack category!!!

What was this??? I almosted wanted to say yes, just to see what the next question would be. “Would you like a personal pizza?”, “Would you like to try ALL of our candy items?”

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10 2006

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