Women if you could have your own penis for a day what would you do with it?

Funny question from Yahoo! Answers. The most Frequently Answer: Pee-standing-up.

The ability to pee standing up? I mean, it is a great thing to be able to pretty much use the bathroom anywhere, any time, but a penis has so many more uses…

I must warn you thougth, with the good, comes the bad. Try peeing standing up with “morning wood”! This alone is great reasoning as to why the urinal needs to be domesticized. Would you want a urinal in the modern day bathroom? Can you imagine, “honey, i’m running out to Sams to pick up a few things, including that case of urinal cakes…”
This just opens a whole other world of consumer items, and another reason to go to the Home Depot!

Maybe next time, I’ll get into “bat wings” for you a bit…

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