The iPhone is here! (well, almost)

That’s right! Today Apple’s CEO and chief nerd announced and demoed the iPhone!
At first glance you may wonder what makes the “iPhone” better than any other smart phone out there? Well, all I can say is watch the video on and see the UI. If that alone doesn’t sell you right away, I don’t know what else will. It is just so simple to use.
In typical Apple fashion, they found something that just wasn’t right and put their seemingly magical touch on it.
I know it is called the iPhone, but I really see it as a personal communication device with a “phone app” built right into it.
The possibilities it seems are endless with this device. It runs OS X, has an widescreen iPod built in, (again, sweet UI), does email, runs safari for web browsing, photo viewer, camera, wifi, bluetooth and the list just goes on and on!
The only bad news, it isn’t available until June!! Apple didn’t want to send it into the FCC for approval and have them spoil all their hard work to the loving Apple public.

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