Patriots Are At It Again!!

As I sit here and check my calendar, I see that it is the middle of January and that only means one thing! NFL PLAYOFFS!!! And of course, what are the NFL PLAYOFFS without the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! The Patriots pulled off a sweet win in San Diego this past weekend simply because the Chargers never put them away when they had the chance.

That’s right, give Brady and the Pats any shimmer of hope, they WILL take advantage. That’s the difference between a perennial playoff team, and everyone else!

Now we get ready for another playoff match-up between Manning and Brady. The winner goes to the SuperBowl.

It was kind of interesting to see how this season unfolded. The Pats weren’t really regarded as one of those power house teams through the regular season. In the AFC, it was really the Colts, Ravens and Chargers that were in the spotlight.
And since this was my first football season living outside of New England, I really did gain that “national perspective” of how certain teams are perceived across the league. When I did live in New England, you were just overwhelmed with all things Patriots and Red Sox. It was as if no other sport franchises existed, and if they did, they were far inferior to our beloved home town teams.

So now I can say first hand, as a geographic outsider to my home town team, they have not had the respects of past years.

That’s ok though, with Belichik, Brady and the whole rest of the crew, we know we are in for another great game this weekend against the Colts.

Personally, I won’t be able to watch the game….I’m going home for a long weekend, so I’ll be there for the hype, but leave just a couple of hours before kick-off on Sunday night. I’m hoping that I can shelter myself from a score on the plane, as well as my ride from the airport back home so I can watch it in all it’s TiVo glory….

Hey, and if you could care less about all this football talk, you are in luck, American Idol is back this week…have fun!

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