Why YouTube Will WIN the Election

YouTubeWith so many people already throwing their hat into the 2008 Presidential Election (yeah, as in November 2008, 21 months away!!), it is becoming very apparent the necessity of using a medium to get your message out and heard by millions.

With the 2004 election, the medium of choice was the internet as a whole, and specifically the blogosphere. There wasn’t a day, or minute, that went buy where a candidate’s life, agenda’s, philosophies, and dirty laundry were not written about by bloggers big and small. Some canidates used this specifically to their advantage, while others stumbled over trying to get their messages heard and almost unknowingly, utilized bloggers to do it for them!

This election will be different though. The internet as a whole will still play a major role, as well as bloggers, but I believe now that we are stuck in a medium of short video clips that spread instantaneously over the net, YouTube will play a MAJOR role in the election. The old standby, they “30 second TV spot” will become less and less relevant with people skipping more commercials with their DVR‘s as well as getting more of their “media” from sources other than their TV.

The hardest thing for a candidate is the ability to get their message heard by the voting public. No matter your platform or where you stand on the issues, if know one knows about it, does it really matter? Can you really make a difference? The answer is no. If you look into our past, it isn’t always the most popular candidate that wins, or the one with the best intentions for our Country, it is the candidate who was able to get his message out to the masses in the most effective manner.

This is what YouTube will do for this election. The clips of old TV commercials, wacky stunts and general hijinks will take a back seat to an abundance of political banter.

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