O, Say Can You See….

Hey everyone, this is Brian and I AM NOT running for President.

Yup, you’ve heard that right! I’m not forming an exploratory committee, I’m not raising any money and I will not be the next President of the United States.

I figured at this point, it just may be easier for us to declare who is NOT running for President, rather than try to decipher who is in and what they currently believe in.
Is it like this a year and a half before every presidential election? I feel that because our current President has such a low approval rating, that at this point, everyone has a shot…so why not give it a try, right? Well, again, for the record, I’m sitting on the sidelines for this one.

Seriously though, would you still be allowed to go to work every day, if on your last review you only scored in the 30’s?? I think in the real world to get a 30% review you basically have to have the ability to show up to work, turn a computer on and answer a phone. I know! I see people like this all the time that still have gainful employment!

It just depends on who really makes up that 30%. Doesn’t matter how low that number goes, as long as those people represent the majority of individuals that benefit the most from the current administration…This is like the 80/20 rule on steroids….

Ah, can you tell it is tax season and one certain mighty individual got stuck paying more taxes that the previous year despite finding enough deductions to get my adjusted gross income below last year’s!!! Not to mention the lovely system we have where we have to withhold this potential tax interest free for the government until we can go through a whole process just to get a sum of that money back…

Or Maybe it is a new proposed $2.9 trillion budget for our country next year in which our Prez wants to increase military spending and squeeze all other spending so we can eliminate a deficit, that he created, in five years….

I guess this is what would happen if you gave a 1st grader a checking account….

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02 2007

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