Who Died?

What is the bigger loss?

The loss of a soldier in Iraq or the loss of Anna Nicole Smith?

The answer of course, they are both equal. The loss of any human life is a sad thing, and all outside politics put aside, should hurt the same.

if this is the case, why does the media seem to focus so much on the passing of Anna Nicole Smith rather than the continued loss of life in Iraq? It’s easy. Sex, lies and money just make for great stories!

This isn’t going to be a rant on the war, or a rant on Anna Nicole for that matter.

I just wanted to prove the point that the media today is something that really shapes popular opinion out there, and essentially tries to deem what is newsworthy and what is not. And in doing so, they continually try to put down each other. Fox news continually puts down CNN. CNN continually does the same for Fox news…Both while trying to get the latest and greatest coverage and opinion on what is the most topical event of moment.

How and where do you like to get your news? On my end, I like to get things in quick burst. Mostly through the net, just skimming through headlines, until I find one that interests me, then I’ll dig deeper to read and learn more. Ironically enough, with all the TV watching I do, I probably get the least amount of my news from the tube. Usually when I go to bed, I like watching a quick 10-15 minutes of the local news to see what’s going on in my neck of the woods, but that is about it. The only time I actually watch CNN or FOX news is when there is major breaking news and they are carrying a live feed.

What do you think?? Where do you get most of your news, and does it bother you how much media has control over people’s opinions now?

Speaking of TV, here’s a random thought for this week. If the war on terror ended today, and there was no more need for CTU on 24, wouldn’t they make a great call center. Just think, you have trouble with your cable, or DSL, you could call them, and they could re route the routers or interlace the filters and have your problem solved in under a minute! Now that’s my idea of a perfect world!

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