NCAA’s vs American Idol

This time of year is usually a pretty dull one on the sports calendar. The NFL is over, baseball is stuck in eternal spring training, the NBA is in that lull before the playoffs begin and except for our Canadian friends, no one cares about the NHL anymore.

So this leaves us very limited in searching for satisfaction of our competitive juices. The way I see it today, we have two options: The NCAA basketball tournament and American Idol.

Now, I’m not going to declare here which is my favorite, but let’s just say mine does not include a guy named Seacrest.

Both events are ratings juggernauts on TV. The tournament is CBS sport’s bread and butter every year and they have owned the rights for what seems like forever. They have wall to wall coverage on the tube each week of all the games, as well as complete and insane coverage on the web, including live video now of every game as it happens!

As for Idol, it seems that nowadays, it is single handily responsible for Fox’s success as a network. In its sixth year, it is bigger now than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. It also has it’s own web empire and premiere sponsors from Coke to Ford hawking it’s wares in every possible corner it can. Can you believe that past Idol winners have actually won Grammies? Either the music industry totally sucks now, or these winners actually do have some sort of talent. I’ll let you decide that one.

Both events offer favorites and underdogs. Whether it is rooting for that 16th seed to upset a #1 for the very first time, or for one of the Idols to break down and verbally assault Simon Cowell on live TV, there is definitely someone that you can latch onto and give your support to as they try to rise to the top.

So choose one and try to hang on until something better comes along!

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