May: The Beginning, and End

May brings many of things to the world.

We get everything from summer blockbuster movies to TV finales.
It seems as if I was the only one not to go see Spiderman 3 this past weekend, so I really don’t have much to say at this point, except the film made over $150 million in it’s opening 3 day weekend….That’s simply amazing. I hope to get out and see it this week!

Next up are the TV finales that are supposed to leave with that that stuffed feeling that will hold you over for the summer hiatuses. The three shows that I’m looking forward to most is Lost, Heroes and the end of the Sopranos. Lost is FINALLY back to where it was at the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2. I think we may finally what the heck this island is really all about!

Heroes is one of those shows that I just didn’t get into when it began back in the fall. There is only so much TV watching to get done and unfortunately it didn’t make the cut. Man, was I ever wrong. I was able to catch up on like 12 or so episodes during it’s winter break and finally got to experience all the hype first hand. It is a really well written show and the mysteries will keep you glued to each new episode. We know how the season will end, but the anticipation to see how it actually all unfolds is second to none.

Finally, we have the TV juggernaut that is The Sopranos. It seems as if the series has been on forever, but that is only because HBO takes so damn log between seasons. That’s OK, I feel like the Sopranos has been one of those shows that have really defined me as a fan of Television. I doubt there can ever be a mob drama on TV ever again, and I hope that no one even tries. We have four episodes left and the only thing I ask for is that we have some sort of closure on the Tony and crew’s ongoing struggles. It looks like things with Tony, Pauley, Phil, Christopher and AJ are really ramping up for a bang. I hope we have one of those “who shot JR” moments for years to come.

Now the bad news….With the television season ending, it means we get bombarded with awful summer schedules usually saturated with reality shows. I think I actually miss the good ole days of summer repeats. It would give you a chance to watch the shows that you didn’t have time for during the regular television year.!

That’s OK though. Next week in the television industry we have something called the “upfronts” where the networks reveal their fall schedules and reveal what shows stay, and what new shows they have in the pipeline and the cycle starts all over again. So no more TV talk until then!

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