Hollywood is out of ideas, AGAIN

I’m a few days late, but I saw this article on boston.com.

Will Smith’s Karate Kid

Will Smith’s son Jaden is set to star in a remake of cult classic ‘The Karate Kid’.
Will’s nine-year-old son is being lined up to play Daniel LaRusso in a new version of the popular 1984 film, with Jackie Chan as his martial arts mentor Mr. Miyagi.
It is rumoured the ‘Men In Black’ star is set to make his directorial debut and helm the movie.

There is SO MUCH wrong with this!! Anyone else think so, or is it just me? I think Will Smith is a great actor. I think his son Jaden did an excellent job in the Pursuit of Happyness. I do not think though that all translates into the ability to recreate one of the best cult movies of the 80s.
Who’s going to lead up the evil Cobra Kai Dojo?? Keifer Sutherland? “Sweep the leg Johnny!!!”

This can not end well!

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