MightyB Twitter Updates for 2008-04-29

  • Praying to the gas gods this morning. what does E really mean? #
  • I spent last night tweaking, (and relearning alot) about css last night. Feel pretty good about it today…no more class #
  • I need to invent a device you implant in your body that takes your kinetic energy and powers an implanted usb hub. "Power on the go". #
  • @zarzoso Check this Ghostbusters action out: http://tinyurl.com/5leh3k #
  • @nickstarr you should take it on part time #
  • @zarzoso not yet, my entertainment center isn’t finished yet, so most everything is unhooked. I should have it hopefully next week. #
  • @zarzoso are you using your "mad kart racing skillz" to drive to Vegas in a couple of weeks? #
  • I think that today’s gum market is all about packaging rather than product. Thoughts? #
  • My current gum of choice happens to be "sweet cinnamon" from Stride. I believe there will be a "widows of vegas" meeting that weekend… #

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