MightyB Twitter Updates for 2008-05-07

  • @zarsoso. Yes, "lucky" considering how many people in this country do not have insurance for one reason or another. #
  • super tired for some reason and it is only 8:15. I need a pick me up!!! Amy leaves for 6 days early am #
  • @tclement it gets better!!! a little childrens tylenol before helps too #
  • @zarzoso tequila? what, are YOU still getting vaccinations? #
  • being pulled in at least 4 directions so far this morning…don’t know how long I can hold up #
  • wife is on her layover in Newark. Waived at the statue of liberty. It’s the first time she had ever seen it, even with all her travels. #
  • @zarsosa try to keep up. she is visiting her family before baby #2 comes #
  • @tclement is like a virtual twitter cookoo (sp?) clock #
  • @zarsoso hard to travel late in the pregnancy and awhile after the baby. speaking of travel, did you get sign off for next weekend? #

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