Vegas Was Great

Had a great time with Amy in Las Vegas. We enjoyed a couple of nice dinners, great time poolside, a lovely show, and even won some cash playing craps.

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  • en: yo think am bout to watch a movie or somethin kuz am bored an itz pissin me off 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: RT @mitchm "Make a better friend of every man (or woman) with whom you come in contact" ~ William Feather (via @earthXplorer) 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @iamdiddy Beautiful to me is having ur family always by ur side always there for u when ur down or hurt 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @etsyjulianne White, green, yellow, purple makes no difference. Whta does is respecting that each has his or her rights, you came here 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: Dear customer, pls don't b a sleaze bag and ask for a date, a massage or anything else inappropriate. esp when u say u r married. Thanks #fb 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: #why do so many random ass girls care about me lol??? I'm so thought about rather its good or bad! I love it I fuckin love it 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: Humph now @mikedaking walks out to get on the cpu.... Im thinkin he should jus get twitter and/or fbook twat 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: I will kill Soulja Boy online ps3 or Xbox ha ha ha 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: Is it just me, or has the home run derby lasted about four hours? 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: Do you love to be scratched, gently on the arm or leg, as a sensual move by your partner? some like it, others dont, thoughts anyone? 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: -Will show you exactly what to do, you will be up and running within hours, not next week or month,NOW! 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: thnx TOMS for waking me up, NOT! Question is, shall i go back to bed or should i stay up 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: Who wants to give me lyzieee and tini plansss? @me or text me! 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: Designing a special super duper thingy. Not NoLimits or roller coaster related. 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @iamdiddy the sounds of music just hearing it or feeling it. seeing it being made. its just amazingly beautiful. 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: RT @kirkfranklin: l challenge you to make time for God this week. not because you're hurting or need something.. but just because. send ... 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @vivad - What do you have going on Thursday or Friday? 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @swilbert1 Demanding servitude by volunteering to be ripped off whether by government or by private interests must end. 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: dude my text tweets took like two or hours-ish to show up.. i finished working out at like 5.. and then i saw all the cop cars on the way to 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: -As A Maverick Money Maker You WILL Make Money Or It's FREE!~ 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @aolsen8 I meant - I don't know what's worse... working in the evening or watching 90210 🙂 But yes, happy she's by my side, as is @yoweim. 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @nickcarter Bart Allen? or Simpson? or B.A.R.T Bay Area Rapid Transit?? 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @thescoop1 wow. Very judgmental! Stopping using tht single word is not going 2 keep blk boys off the block. Or single blk women off welfare 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @boomama or, should I say YOU ARE SKEERIN ME!!!! 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @Refiek haha! i made my own chicken stock tonite too!! so exciting! no, no tree hugging or earth muffins, just trying to be more frugal 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @iamdiddy whatever or whomever that/who makes u sigh from the bottom of your soul and brings out a true smile 🙂 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @tedmurphy Hope they get you on another flight soon! (Or in a fancy hotel) 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @antiniley are u a girl right? haha or not? anyway, love you, you always bring the antiniley spirit to my life (: 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: "There is NO such thing as BLACK music or WHITE music only GOOD or BAD music" -JAY Z anyways jammin to oh shiela by ready for the world 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @DanielJUK OH NO! OMG how scary! Did u think the gods or ancestors or your spirit guides were trying to tell you something? 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: @iamdiddy anything or anyone who inspires, moves, and emotes passion 07/14/09 09:03am
  • en: Join me LIVE on my The LOVE BELOW Presents Sex Files MONDAYS show on #BlogTalkRadio at or call (646) 478-0335 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: @jsykk Ill pretend to be sick so you can heal me or did you want me to pretend to be poor so you can feed the hungry? LMFAO! 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: @TeecycleTim I think i should be able to find a micro brew in Ann Arbor. 🙂 I will taste one or two for ya! excited about MKE! hope ur ready 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: Daisy deserves the best n someone to luv her not cheat on her or hurt her 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: @smoulderingsea Or maybe I've truly finally lost it, and I need to call my coworker & get him to detain me. Crazy at last. 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: absolutely loves "Make it Or Break it" (: 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: RT @KaiSoFlyy: DECIDIN IF I WANNA McNair OR Gatti @AceBlack for steppin out on me....(lmao) 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: @iamdiddy Seein an old couple holding hands takin care of each other! For better or worse they stuck through it! 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: contemplating whether or not to goto oweek.... 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL? 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: Not doing so well with the twitting these days ... perhaps I'm twitter challenged or a challenged twitt - that doesn't sound very flattering 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: Watching Harry potter and the ootp so I will be all caught up for tomorrow night. Or should I say Wednesday morning. 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: @stevezipay rangers or us ruining the catskills vacation? 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: @shannongolden wow that is freakin amazing. I know you dont know me but Candace is in your ward or something. haha But yeah congrats! 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: @stylemagnet at the chopped liver comment or the public speech one? Either way - you're sweet~ 😀 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: tomorrow might just be a computer-free day...or relatively computer free day. I'm going to sit down and do nothing but read ALL day. Maybe. 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: @antiniley i know 🙂 & it also explains her tweets that are so vague, its cause shes lying or shes dating someone else & is covering w/Nick 07/14/09 09:02am
  • en: @erinrbreedlove Hmmm... I connect with all things, people and places medical or health care oriented. You're my first in your realm. See? 07/14/09 09:02am

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