Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-24

  • I gave in and picked up some Mini Sirloin Burgers from Jack in the Box! Thanks Jack!!! #
  • @LarryCarroll congrats to you guys!! Did the old lady leave any old stuff?? in reply to LarryCarroll #
  • Just shopped at target. Now off to a 4 year old birthday party at peter piper pizza. Pizza and video games!!!! #
  • Took care of the yard work, now watching some 80’s on VH1 getting ready to hit the pool. #

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  • en: @deanpeters I'm sorry. I searched on #pdc08 and #pdc09 and couldn't find any information about the event or Microsoft. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @pasadolpy. Did u do any dancing last night or just hung out at table with friends? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @MZ_PYT Go to and u login the same as twitter n upload the pic....or ill dm u my number so u can send it to me 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Got a website or blog you would like the world to know about. Promote it here for free 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Up since 8.. you know how I do.. interview at 11, hope they ain't greek or russian, I can't go through that again!! 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @rickirick maturity or old age? ;p 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Hot topics at 10 East.: Love or hate last nite's Derby? What impact will no-Jessica have on Cowboys? Iverson to Clips, smart or dumb? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Now you can install apps both through Cydia or Icy (Icy is faster than Cydia most of the times). Bye 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Grats to everyone that picked up $UNG or $TSE:HNU yesterday. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @JonDeJesus I need some Kush or Blueberry Haze! 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: UNDERGROUNDmwc: Today's 1/2 price drink: Flavored coffee - hot or iced. Come try one today! 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: RT @writers2follow: Some people come up with one quoteworthy tweet a day, a week, or a month. @TomVMorris pops them out a gumball machine. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @PassionMD Personal...and NOT looking forward to it. I will write you on the side in the next day or so and let you know. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Looking for real jobs in my area Loganville, Ga. or somewhere where the bus goes to like Duluth, Ga. Contact me please with real job leads. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: (Or That "BOY" lol)RT @tboogie937: I swear I think I had the swine flu when I went 2 L.A. I had crazy flu symptoms, and was sick as all hell 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: RT @fabbrunette: Anyone know how to decorate a bird cage money box for a wedding? Any pix or links??......Wallpaper? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @Eridanus I have to admit, even I can't tell if she's bored, annoyed, or deadpanfully amused at Luke. Perhaps she's all three. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Bruno movie better than Ali, not as good as Raging Bull or Rocky. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Our Constitution Legally provides the PEOPLE the absolute RIGHT to throw out or Amend our constitution to STOP big GOV Lets do it! #TTParty 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Back from camp drop-off. Neck behaving, post handful of Advil. Need food, or belly will revolt. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: So, Liz Cheney can't comment on the program, or if her father ordered it. Why is she commenting at all then? #politics haha 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @JeffParsons Don't you guys issue as on air warning that says don't call or email or it could end up on the air? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @twitrobo No feed specified, or Unable to read RSS feed 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Welcome to the website that is designed with the horse enthusiast in mind. Browse the myriad of horses and ponies for sale or lease, or ... 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Dblow: i think a bunch of listenres need to get together and party like at a bar or something it won't be sponsored by clear channel 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Is there a reason wasps can't fly out of open windows, or are they just stupid? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: You have to have pretty big brass ones to launch a community and not use OpenID or FBConnect these days #Blackberry #MyBlackberry #Community 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Michael J. 28M: Burglary Of Dwelling With Assualt Or Batte, Battery (domestic Violence). 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: We must examine education with the best interest of students in mind - not money or local power. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @gtvone urge to eat or to photograph (or both?!) 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: cut advertising to zero...even make money from ur advertising...visit id# P1338H..or direct message me today!!! 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: RT @mashable At $6.5 Billion, Facebook is Now Worth More than CBS or Macy's 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • pt: @lukediv umm sarcasm or.. 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: or we will let the elected President wait till Jan 2010 to take over? Big decision? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Design or test smell - Debugging unit tests if they fail. Probably the code or the test is complex... 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: RT @robgt2: RT @HaywoodStubble Vegetarian is an old Indian word meaning "bad hunter." -Anonymous. ☺ ROFL or RFOL 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: It's a movement baby lets take Break Up to #1 cast ur votes at 106 & Park or text Mario's Break Up to 23888 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: #crossfit Is it hot outside, or is it just me? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Hey Bot, No capes or wands....but I'm a Muggle & Miss Cheryl is Slytherin! RT @CherylHarrison: @10tv Here you go bot 😉 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @mishu70 A true Pom would say "Corrie", no? Isn't Coro that horrid coffee substitute made of carob or something? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @rustyhateswork You've gotta love the 'pure prop' of ABBA tho, they've sold like thirty-two million point six albums (or something). 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @TVCatchup if the streams are h.264 encoded does that mean an iPhone version would be technically possible? Or not, due to the FLV? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @egcramer Weird. I was just going to complain about the same thing. Why send email or make flyers using hard to read script type? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @Sir_Chokolat like 6 or 7 ish 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • : 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @LadyE2010 You just wakin up or're slippin boo! LOL 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @bubblebrothers Can I pay on the night or will I register 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @itsnoel Haha.That's why I put berries,melon or pineapple in my salad for the contrast.. I have that all the time especially in the evening 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: @alldressedchips so what are you saying? I have giant fist or something? 07/14/09 08:32pm
  • en: Do you recommend going to the Madame tussauds in NYC or is that a London thing to do? Entrance fee is usd 35. 07/14/09 08:32pm

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